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XRunning Game

Developed by Miniclip and published by Parkour Games website, Xrunning is a really interesting and exciting game. The game is to follow the map to reach the finish point and progress to next level.
The game involves two basic elements. One is the map and the second is health meter. Follow the map where the green indication is to show your position on the map whereas the yellow position represents the finish point. You just have to pass all the way to get to the finish point. You have to take care of the health and don’t jump off the cliff to a long distance beneath. If you do so, you will get killed, and the game will be over. You have to run smoothly down the steep paths and stick to the surface.
Just don’t let the player fly in the air and fall. Apply general physics in the game and it will seem easier. The game is fast and pressing a single button will cause the player to move quickly to the required place which makes it harder to control.

The game controls are simple. Arrow keys are used for moving forward, backwards, right and left. Whereas, the “space” key will let the player jump. Therefore, just try to follow the map and adopt the easier and less steep path to get to the finish point while sparing your health a bit. If you take the steeper path and fall from quite a large distance, your health will decrease. Play the game and get to the finish point to proceed to the next level.