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Rooftop Runner Game

Running to reach to your aim with the clock is ticking, such scenarios can be kind of interesting for you to understand as these situations strive to give you with some of the best gaming experiences. The Rooftop Runner is one such game that can provide you with the excellent gaming experience and also allow you to kill your free time with the awesomeness.

This game is free of cost and doesn't require large setups and key gen to download. Coming with some of the amazing features that can be unlocked with the coins that will be collected during the game play, this game is addicting and exciting as well. The plot is simple; you will have to run and run until you reach the destination and make sure not to get hurt in the way. In your way, you will collect the money, and the clock that is ticking will be added to your points once you finish the race before the prescribed time.

This game is completely a full-proof package for you to sit in front of the computer for hours and play with the madness. You can develop some of the amazing skills while playing just like any other game. This game is as impressive as all those big games with big setups and absolutely free, boring time killer.

All you need is the keyboard, mouse, high-speed internet and a browser with flash player so that you can play this awesome game. Run with all your speed and reach the destination within time.