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Parkour Master Game

Parkour master is a beautifully designed game with rich colors and graphics. Also, the theme and scenario of the game make it pretty much favorable to play.

The player continuously runs in the street of a city. All you have to do is pass by the obstacles that are shown by blinking red color and are in the shape of cut building pillars. You need to save yourself from touching those obstacles. You have just to continue to run without losing your health and score points to beat the high score.
The game will be over when you are out of health. There are also health revivers in the way. You can catch them and get back some of the health. So be aware of what is coming in your way. Both the obstacles and health reviving bottles need to be checked out carefully.
The arrow keys control the game.

  1. Pressing the up arrow will make the player jump. So jump when there is an obstacle on the downside. You may also need to jump to get the health reviving bottle.
  2. Pressing the down arrow will allow you to skid below. Thus, you will be able to dodge an obstacle hanging from the wall.
  3. Pressing the forward arrow will also jump the player and move him forward a bit short jump than the up arrow, though.
  4. You need to press the left arrow when there is an obstacle both, hanging from the ceiling and bulging from the bottom. It will allow you to move from between the two obstacles.