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Parkour Brooklyn Game

Parkour Brooklyn is a really interesting game that tests the ability of the player. The player needs to learn using mouse fast to progress in this game. There are three basic functions that the player will need to perform here.

The game is all about using the mouse fast is one of the most interesting Parkour Games. You are running over the roofs in Brooklyn and have to pass over different obstacles and in order to jump from one stop to another you have to either roll by simply clicking the mouse and releasing in the direction where you want the player to proceed, or you have to drag one circle into the other in a way that it fits in the other circle exactly. You will need to drag when the next place to go is far away.

The player has to click and perform the function fast. There is a limited time available when the player has to jump to next destination. Thus, you need to click and respond fast. When you have to drag one circle into another, then you must drag it completely and drag it fast if you don’t want to lose.