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Parkour Game

Parkour games continue its tradition of providing visitors with one of the best online games and this time; users can entertain themselves with a run from police game "Parkour".
The game is about a thief or gangster who is running from the police. You play the thief and have to run from the police as much as you can. There are some obstacles on the way, and you have to cross all of them by jumping over them. Different sprays come in the way that you can collect and get more points. The game has a pretty beautiful graphic design that makes it exciting and entertaining. You can run a long distance ahead of the two police officers and get out of their sight, but as soon as you get stuck at any obstacle for more than 3 seconds, the policeman will approach you.
If the policeman running behind you is not far away, then you must not stop at any obstacle and try to get past it as quick as you can. If you fail in doing so, then the policeman will catch you and game over.
All you have to do in this game is run, jump and collect sprays.

Press Space + Forward key arrow at the same time and keep pressing; you will not get caught and will keep running over the obstacles.