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Boondog Game

The game that you are going to love is right in front of you. Just like the prince of Persia, you have a player that has the ability of jumping on the walls and doing stunts. You have to use that man to do different tasks and get to the next level. There are many challenges regarding the heights and the physical conditions. You have to use your gymnastic skills to complete the challenges. One task has to be completed using different moves one after the other. This is quite interesting and fun because the game is simple and you do not have to over-think to get the task done.

There are many unique features in the game. The music is the best thing. The game has quite a nice background music being played. It is completely free of cost and there is no price for having some fun. The game is available online. You do not have to do anything to play it rather than getting to the website that is offering it. You do not have to download any file or anything to play the game. It is easily buffed on the internet so there I no lag in the game.

The simplicity is the key tool of the game. There are many times when you do not want to play anything complex and techno. You are in need of playing something simple and cool. This game is your best companion in such times. Get the game from the internet and start playing it.